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TDRC Team Pilots


Meet Team Taildragger RC Pilots & Representatives 


 Sponsored Pilots & Team Reps: 




Chris Fry.......  I have been flying RC since 1990.  Having flown everything except for turbine jets and DLG's, I have settled on giant scale aircraft.  I'm a 2x XFC competitor ('05/'09), multiple time IMAC podium finisher, local International Air Show pilot, numerous demo flights across the continental 48 states and in Puerto Rico. I also assist the Univ. of Dayton "Design, Build, Fly" group.



 Team TDRC Pilot & Representative - Randy Hinton

I have been building and flying RC planes from the age of 10 in 1974. I once asked my father why he got me into RC, he said “I wanted to make sure you had no money to ever buy drugs” Well that worked all too good because I still have no money left over to buy anything.  I think my favorite parts of this hobby are building and socializing, I love to fly but I am happy with a couple flights, just hanging out with other RC nuts and helping new pilots to giant scale.  I earned the nick name “Spats” because I once built an Extra that had no wheel pants but I had an old pair of Spats laying around so I figured what the heck I’ll just use them. Now I put Spats on all my planes and show off the bling wheels I like to use.  Two highlights in the hobby for me is a first place Scale win with a P-47D when I was sixteen and taking part in one leg of the first cross country RC flight for the Jerry Lewis Telethon in the late 70’s.  I was the youngest participant back then in the event and I sat in the back of a truck in bucket seat while flying and going down the highway.  I think it’s important to remain humble in this hobby and always remember it’s about having fun.



Team TDRC Pilot  & Representative - Dwight Elmer

I've been in the RC hobby since my young childhood days. I've always had a passion for anything that I could control with a transmitter. My love and passion for flying started about 5 years ago. I fly mostly 3D Giant Scales planes. I'm very active in our hobby community with clubs, events, and just having a good time. I annually attend regional events and take part in numerous charity flying events. The best part of this hobby is the people you meet and the friends you make along the way.

See you at the field,

Dwight Elmer



Team TDRC Pilot & Representative - Rob Epley

Every since I was a little boy looking up at the F-86 Sabre's, T-33 Shooting Star's, P-51 Mustangs and B-52 Bombers flying over head, I knew in my heart what I wanted to do. I dreamt of being an Air Force Fighter pilot when I grew up. Now "that" dream was not realized, however I never stopped wanting to fly. In the spring of 1994 I got my first Nitro powered model and from that moment on I was "HOOKED". I was like most. Making mistakes as I proceeded through this awesome and wonderful addiction of radio controlled aircraft. Biggest lesson? I learned rather quickly, "UP" stick is "NOT" up plane! Ah never the less I continued and did not get discouraged. I flew everything there was to fly. Trainers, sport, aerobatic and up until two years ago, nothing but Saito powered warbirds. In the spring of 2013 I got my first true "gasser". A Great Planes 27% Edge 540. Outfitted with a DLE 55 and Hitec HS5645's. I thought I was hooked before. From that moment on, I was like a "junkie" with a needle permanently stuck in my veins. Fast forward to present day, I have a variety of sizes of Giant Scale gassers. Raging from 30, 35, 40, 42 and the big beast, my 50% Edge. I am now enthralled on a high that no drug can re-produce. With each successive build and maiden, I get even more drawn into the this amazingly joyous hobby. The friends and acquaintances I have gained over the last few years are such a credit to this wonderful hobby. Some of the nicest and funniest people anyone would ever want to meet. In the big scheme of life, we all need...want, something, just something to help us to feel good. For me, this hobby has opened doors and offered opportunities I did not realize existed. Mostly a self satisfaction of doing something I have always wanted to do all my life. "FLY"!!!
    Like so many others, I am very demanding when it comes to quality, dependability and economical hardware and setups. No one likes to lose a plane due to poor or inadequate components. I can truly attribute the survival of my expensive models, (all of them actually) to the hardware I choose. I find it a very comforting feeling knowing the hardware I get from Taildragger RC is of the utmost "top shelf" quality money can buy. From the very minimal inexpensive little servo screws all the way up to very high quality extensions, fuel accessories...etc. I am very honored to have been selected to be one of the few to represent Taildragger RC and all they have to offer each and every one of us in this hobby. Besides the top notch accessories, the customer service is second to none.
Rob Epley
Proudly Representing Taildragger R/C.



Team TDRC Pilot & Representative - Ryan O'Connor

Bio Coming Soon



Team TDRC Pilot & Representative - Jacob Helber 

I started flying towards the end of 2012 and quickly gravitated towards giant scale 3D.  I've always had an interest in anything that flies and on a whim decided to check out the local hobby shop one day and took home a simulator and became instantly addicted.  Along with 3D, I also enjoy an occasional turbine flight.  One thing I didn't expect when starting out in the hobby is the people I've met and friends I have made along the way.  I enjoy travelling to local events around Texas as well as travelling the country to some of the big name events as my schedule allows.  See you on the flight line!!



Team TDRC Pilot & Representative - Andrew Ritschel

Bio/Pic Coming Soon 


Team TDRC Pilot & Representative - Allen Small 

I started flying 5 years ago with a few other local guys in the Marion, AR area.  I now enjoy and participate in all facets of flying, from giant scale gassers to smaller electrics to indoor foamies, even 3+ meter gliders and 700 size helis and use TDRC products in all of them.  I haven’t done any competition flying but I do try to make several fly-ins every year including Joe Nall and other local events.  I am the President of our newly formed club, Twisted Aviators RC  and also enjoy full scale flying and am in the process of getting my pilots license.



Team TDRC Pilot & Representative - Blake Brown


We are proud to announce Jake Fahn as a part of the team! Jake has been flying since age 7 and has proved to be a very good pilot. Started giant scale aerobatics at age 11 and 3D age 13.  He is a memeber of the FBI (Flying boys of Iowa) of Council Bluffs,IA.  Currently attends many Midwest events for 3d, freestyle, scale, and fun flying.  Look for Jake at your event in the Midwest. We are honored to have Jake use TDRC Products in his aircraft!  




Jasmine is one of the nicest lady's in the flying circle you will ever meet!  She has only been flying for 4 years and is a great supporter of this hobby.  Jasmine supports our TDRC 20 AWG Wiring Extensions and High Current Wiring. Thanks Jasmine!